Sefora Farinacci Daisy M6 silver necklace with daisy 6 cm

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The simple and evocative form of the "Margherite di Sefora" collection wants to pay tribute to the spirit of women, to their energies, is a hymn to life and the power of love.

The evocative form, modern and classic at the same time, of the "Daisy" collection, pays tribute to the purity of body and spirit of women.

The 60 mm pendant is the characteristic floral element of the collection, a symbol of simplicity and purity.

The charm and strength of silver and the elegance of gold, materials of great value for a delicate and precious style at the same time.

Unique creation, handcrafted in Italy, perfect to wear every day.

- Necklace 80 + 5cm

- 60mm diameter element

- 925% silver

- Without nickel and cadmium

- Central 18 kt gold plated

- Each item in the collection is offered in silver and silver and 9kt gold


Made in Italy Product 100% Made in Italy (all parts of the product are made in Italy by italian workers)
Product code DAISY M6
Material 925% silver
Address for direct pick up Viale Aventino 80/82, 00153 Roma, Italia
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