Ciprialavica a Andromedae - Hamilton gold tone woman cuff

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The jewellery in the “Opera Unica” collection is made from prickly pear fibre in a 24K gold bath.  The fibre extraction process takes about two years using a proprietary method that preserves the beauty and complexity of the wood and its texture, after which it is sculpted into unique artistic shapes.

We believe in perfect imperfection,
in unique handmade items.
Each individual Ciprialavica accessory is one of a kind,
created with passion and skill by craftsmen
who carry on Italy’s rich cultural and manufacturing tradition.

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Made in Italy Product 100% Made in Italy (all parts of the product are made in Italy by italian workers)
Product code DOU-BR002
Material Hamilton gold tone prickly pear cactus skeleton.
Time to ship 60 days if the product is not available in stock.