Ciprialavica Stones woman metal and orange hand-painted ceramics bracelet

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The influence of the Caltagirone school, with its age-old history and Arab, Norman, Renaissance and Baroque influences, is clearly evident in the creations of Ciprialavica, which provides an innovate reinterpretation of traditional designs. Each individual piece of ceramic is hand made by expert craftsmen with passion and experience.

We believe in perfect imperfection,
in unique handmade items.
Each individual Ciprialavica accessory is one of a kind,
created with passion and skill by craftsmen
who carry on Italy’s rich cultural and manufacturing tradition.

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Made in Italy Product 100% Made in Italy (all parts of the product are made in Italy by italian workers)
Product code FC-BM2
Material Ciprialavica ceramics modelled and painted by hand and metal.
Time to ship 60 days if the product is not available in stock.