Personal data and privacy treatment

Whichever personal data collected during the utilizing of the marketplace of Italy01 will be treated from Italy01 Corporation SRLS viale Europa1, 33054 Udine


Personal data provided

Italy01 conserves all the data that will be inserted on site. User can choose to not provide any data but in that case he won’t be able to use the available service. The data provided from customer will used to respond to the client’s requests.


Personal data automatically collected

Italy01 conserves some categories of personal data every time that a person interacts with the site. Italy01 utilizes “cookies” and obtains the data when the browser of a person visits the site or Advertisements or other content of Italy01 to other websites.


Personal data collected

Every personal data collected sustain Italy01 to improve better experience for customer to use the site. The date is needed to prevent fraud at damage of Italy01 and to consent to third parties to conduct logistic and technical activities.


E-mail communication

In many cases italy01 may communicate by e-mail .If the customer does not want to receive any e-mail Italy01 can delete itself from the newsletter.


Personal data received by other sources

Italy01 can receive personal data from other sources and add them to the relative information to the customer’s account.


Personal data cede by third paries

The personal data collect is an important component of italy01’s work. It does not fall into italy01’s activities the publication, the release or sell of such data .The personal date will be communicated only to companies who furnish a service to Italy01 and only in the necessary limit to furnish a Proper service completion. This companies are in any case obligated by Italy01 to sign an ethical code and to treat the personal data in conformity on this informative about the privacy.



It Can happen that Italy01 sends an offer to a selected group of customers on behalf of a company present on the portal. In this case Italy01 does not furnish to this company the data of this selected customers .If a customer doesn’t want to receive this offers, it can delete itself from the newsletter .


Case of divulgation of date account

Italy01 can divulge data relative to the account of a user and other personal data only in case of expressly requested by law or from a competent of the authority to prevent fraud or illicit. Italy01 can exchange information with society who prevention fraud and illicit. On regard it’s important that users do not share their password and access on system of payment and give the maximum attention of the usage of its own account to abstain access not authorization


Link of other Website

Italy01 can visualize advertising messages by third and links to other websites.



A Cookie is a file of small dimension sent by a site to the browser and saved on the computer when this is connected to the internet site. The cookies are used to make the website work or to get better services, but also to furnish information to the owners of the site. italy01 uses different type of cookies and similar tools, each one has a specific function, how it was indicated .


Navigation cookies

This cookies permit to the site to function correctly and permit to visualize the content on the correct language and on correct geographic area. They are capable to recognize from which country the computer is connect and direct automatically the computer to on the version for the place that the customer is in. They also permit to create an account, effect a login and manage the order. A site can recognize thanks to cookies the user when he/she accesses to services offered to registered users. This cookies recognize the user when this is buying on the site and are necessary for the website to work.


Functional cookies

This cookies permit the site, after the first login to be identify the user every time that he/she accesses on site in so that the user doesn’t need to insert his own data to access every time when visiting the site. If an users has added article on shopping cart and closes the session without completing the purchase and without delete this cookies permit to continue the shopping next time when the user accesses to the site for a limited time period and will find the shopping cart exactly as it was when he/she left. This cookies is not indispensable for the operation of site ,but give a better quality and experience of navigation.


Analitical cookies

This cookies are utilized by program like Google Analytics to elaborate statistics analysis on the navigation mode of the user on site via the computer or the mobile application on the number of page visited or the number of click effectuate on one page during the navigation. Italy01 trade result from this analysis in the anonymous manner and exclusively for statistics . Cookies for marketing retargeting This cookies are utilize from providers of Italy01 and permit the buyer to visualize publicity banners on other affiliates sites showing the last product the buyer was looking for on Italy01. This cookies are used to show to the user of Italy01 product that will interest him/her or similar to those who he was looking at previously. This operation is based on the navigation chronology.


How disable the cookies

Most browsers are configured to accept the cookies . However most browsers permit to control and to disable the cookies via the browser settings. We remind you that when the navigation cookies are disabled or those of functionally can cause the malfunctioning of the site and limit the service of Italy01. To disable the analytical cookies and to prevent Google Analytics from collecting data on your navigation ,you can download an addition component of the browser to deactivate Google Analytics.