Roberto Bissolo, Luxury Art Design, Imperial Link, gold-plated chair

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Anelli Imperiale 24 K Gold Chair, entirely handmade in gold-plated steel and velvet.

24K Gold Imperial Link Chair, entirely made by hand by Roberto Bissolo. The backrest is tall to highlight the importance of who’s sitting in it. 170 chain links soldered one by one with 1360 welds, overlapping one another to create a scaly effect. Sandblasted and plated in 24K Gold to make it shine under the light. The seat and backrest are in scarlet velvet. Roberto Bissolo is available to personalize non-essential elements of his works, based on the purchaser’s taste and needs. For further information, please use the contact form.

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Address for direct pick up Via Villaraspa, 31/A - 37041 Presina, Verona, Italy
Made in Italy Product 100% Made in Italy (all parts of the product are made in Italy by italian workers)
Material Acciaio e Velluto
Dimensions 44 x 115 x 45 cm
Structure finishing process Placcato oro 24K
composition structure Acciaio placcato oro
Use interior exterior INTERNO
Time to ship If the product is not available 5 weeks
Return or replacement Reso 30% a carico dell'acquirente
Promotion Gratuita in tutto il mondo