Roberto Bissolo, Luxury Art Design, Obelisco Luce, floor lamp in gold-plated steel

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Luminous artwork in the shape of a perforated three-dimensional sail. Elegant floor lamp that creates a magical atmosphere surrounds it

With this Work, the Artist wants to give the feeling of having around him something particular, not just a common lamp. Already when turned off it is impossible not to notice it and appreciate it, but when you turn it on here is that, thanks to the technique with which the artist carves it, it creates an atmosphere of "slices of light". Luminous sculpture in the shape of a three-dimensional sail, a middle way between an obelisk and a pyramid, built with steel pieces internally welded in an uneven way, all sandblasted and 24 K Gold plated. The base is in velvet and, upon request, it can be made in copper leaves or in Gold Zecchino leaves. The Artist agrees to customize some details of his Works according to your taste and your needs, write to us for more details.

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Address for direct pick up Via Villaraspa, 31/A - 37041 Presina, Verona, Italy
Made in Italy Product 100% Made in Italy (all parts of the product are made in Italy by italian workers)
Dimensions 50 x 50 x 208 cm
Structure finishing process GOLD PLATED
composition structure STEEL
Weight 60 kg
Use interior exterior INTERNO
Time to ship If the product is not available 5 weeks
Return or replacement a carico del cliente 30% del costo del prodotto
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