Policy and Regulations


General conditions

Italy01 is a marketplace of only Italian product. To utilize Italy01 you need to be 18 years old. Minors can utilize italy01 only trough a parent or a tutor.


Conflict between conditions

Italy01 offers additional services therefore a User can be subject of additional terms and conditions related to this services. In case of conflict between the present general conditions and those of some specific service this last ones prevail.



According to the specific law disposition, for the finality of the present contract, user of Italy01 accept to receive communications in electronic format. User accept also all contracts, notifications, info and other electronic forms satisfy the requirements of written form, when this is provided by law.


Copyright and Databases

All content present in Italy01 such as text, images, logos, buttons of icons, file excel, csv files, are exclusively property of Italy01, or of his providers of content and are protected from the Italian and International law about author right and copyright on databases. It’s not allowed to create or publish database who reproduced substantial parts (es. Price, list of product) or part of it of Italy01 without expressed written authorization of Italy01.



All logos, icons, characters present on Italy01.com and all files of Italy01 are trademarks and are distinctive signs of Italy01. This Trademarks and signs can’t be used in any products or service that are not related to Italy01 in such a way that it would generate confusion between the customers or in any way which may create damage to Italy01. All trademarks present in Italy01 are not owned by Italy01, they are property of respective owners and can be used from Italy01 for the purposes to advertising the products.



To the condition that users respect the present General Conditions and terms of services and provides of payment of any applicable tariff, Italy01 and his providers of content permit to users a limited license, not exclusive, not transferable and not sublicensable. The license is for the services of Italy01 and is for a personal use not commercial. This license does not includes any right to resale or made a commercial use of service of Italy01 or his content. Does not include rights to collect and use list, descriptions or price of products. This license does not authorizes to make any type of download of commercial information or does not authorize to copy account information to advantage another retailer or to use devices for data acquisition to extract data. All rights not expressly conferred from the present conditions of use and terms of services remain propriety of Italy01 and his licensors and suppliers. It’s not allowed reproduce and use for any commercial use the services of Italy01 in all or in parts without the expressed consent of Italy01. It’s not allowed the appropriation of trademarks, logos, image, text of Italy01 on the absence of an expressed consent written by Italy01. Services of Italy01 can be used exclusively in limits expected by law. Violation of the present conditions will involve revocation of authorization or of license released from Italy01.



Anyone using the services of Italy01 should keep reserved his account and his password and has to control the access of his computer and his device. User accept all limits and disposition of the applicable law, consent to be consider responsible of all activity that will be made through his account and his password. User is agree to take all the necessary precaution to guarantee that his password remain reserved and agree to communicate immediately to Italy01 if anyone individual subject of third party is using his access in a non authorize way. User has to make sure that his furnish dates to Italy01 are correct and agree to communicate immediately any change of its. Users accept to not use the services of Italy01 in a way that cause or that may cause interruption of services or any kind of damage. User accept to not use the services of Italy01 for a fraudulent purpose or to commit illegal activity. Italy01 reserves the right to impede the access or to suspend the access or to close an account, to remove or modify the contents of the site in case of violation of the disposition of the present General Conditions.


Reviews and Announcements

On Italy01 consent user to sent comments ,suggestions, communications and reviews only if the content is not illegal, obscene or defamatory. The communications must be sent from a real electronic mail addresses that belong to a really existing subject. The user cannot use false e-mail addresses, imagines of other persons or subjects. The user cannot lie about the origin of comments and reviews. Italy01 reserve the right to remove or modify what is violating this regulation. If a user retain that a part of italy01 or a communication made by Italy 01 contain defamatory part or that a part of italy01 is violating the right of intellectual property we invite user to immediately tell this fact to italy01 by using the specific module present in the site.


Vendors Activity

Different subjects of Italy01 manage shops, stores, sell services and products on this site. Italy 01 is not responsible of control or valuation of these companies. Italy01 guarantee trough clusters, associations and consortiums that all the companies and the products that are in this site are Italian on accordance with the definition of Italian companies and Italian products present in the site. Italy01 can not in any way be considered responsible for actions, products and content of the companies present in Italy01.com or for any third part. The policy of return and replacements is a choice of any company that sell trough italy01 and are described in every product page. Buyer by buying this product accept in full this sales policy.


Responsibility of Italy 01

Italy01 will do its best to order guarantee that access to e-commerce platform and to the services will be supplied without interruptions and that data transmission will work without any errors. Although because of the nature of internet, the access on the platform may be occasionally suspended or limited to consent implementations, reparations, maintenance, or for introduction of new activities and services. Italy01 will work to limit the frequency and duration of this suspensions. Italy01 will not be responsible for the loss of commercial opportunities that are not the direct consequences of the violation of the present general conditions. Italy01 will not be responsible for the loss of commercial opportunities that are direct consequences of something not logically predictable in the moment of the utilization of italy01. Italy01 is not responsible for anyone lateness or non-fulfillment derived from accidental case or the cause of superior force. Present disposition will not compromise the buyer’s right to receive purchased goods by a reasonable term or to be reimbursed in case of unsuccessful delivery for circumstances derived from accidental case or the cause of superior force.


Applicable law and Competent Court

The present conditions are orderliness and must be explain in accordance with the Italian law. For any dispute the competent court will be the Court of Vicenza. It’s expressly excluded application of the convention of United Nation on trade international of goods.



Italy01 reserve the right to modify every service, price policy, conditions and the terms of use of services in any moment to offer new products or services or to update the platform to a new disposition of law. A user is subject of policy and terms and conditions of use that are in force in the moment that the user utilize the platform Italy01.com. In case of some of the present conditions are not valid or inapplicable, the invalid conditions will not compromise the validity and efficacy of other conditions.


Patent (License )

Logics, services, layouts and functions of Italy01 are protect by patents that are property of Italy01.


Commercial Policy

The seller offer on sale in Italy01.com the product and conducts his own e-commerce activity to the final consumers. Final consumers are any persons who use Italy01.com. This general conditions of sales regulate exclusively the offer, the acceptance and the process of order on Italy01.com between the users of Italy01 and the seller. The General Conditions of sale are not regulating the supply of services or the sales of products out of Italy01.com even the company in the relationship was contacted trough Italy01.com


Conclusion of Contract

To conclude the purchase contract of one or more products on Italy01.com the buyer must register and complete the module of order confirmation in electronic format and transmit it to the seller following the relative instruction. Before proceeding to the purchase of the product, by transmission of the order module, buyer must read carefully the General Conditions of sale and accept. Module of order will be archive on our server for an necessary period to evasion of order on respect of terms and law. The buyer can access on his module order entering on site with his data and clicking on link “my orders”. In the moment to proceed the transmit of module order, the buyer will be asked to pay the indicated price. Before to continue on transmit of module order all buyer will be asked to verify his own data. Concluded the contract, Italy01 will take on the responsibility of purchase order. The buyer reserve the upright to not proceed an order purchase who will not give sufficient guarantee of solvency or who resulting incomplete or not correct or in case of unavailability of product. In this case the buyer will be promptly advise by e-mail, anyway within thirty days pass from the successive in that the buyer has been transmit order to the buyer. In case of forwarding of module order and payment of price Italy01 will provide to reimburse, without underserved delay, when to buyer already anticipated a contract will intend resolved between the parts. With telematics transmissions of module order, the buyer accept unconditionally and will committed to observe this General Conditions of sale in the relate with the buyer. Concluded the contract Italy01 will transmit by the e-mail receipt the order purchase. Italy01 reminds you that the product is destined exclusively to country where the order was realized. If one buyer decide to insert the product into the different country they buyer is responsible for the entry and required to follow the normative and the restriction applicable both for exportation and importation. Italy01 declines from now every responsibility for this. Italy01 does not sell used product, irregular and with inferior quality of corresponding standard offered into the market. The essential characteristics of products are present on the product cards of Italy01. The image and the colors of products on sale on Italy01 may not correspond to those real for the effect of the monitor. Every company present on Italy01 has its own policy. Any request of purchase derived from risk country or with specific conditions of politic instability could be not accept.


Recess and Render

Every company present on Italy01 apply its own policy of recess and render. This information are present on product card. Italy01 will proceed to restitution of the sum paid by the buyer to the refund of the amount paid by the buyer within 30 days when this is applicable. Italy01 will manage also the render of mercy putting on disposition to client his customer care in case that render is not expected. In accordance with the law of art.57 of Italian Consume Code the buyer will be responsible of decrease of value of the purchased products on Italy01.com to utilize the product who’s result different of those necessary for verify nature, the characteristic and the operation. Therefore Italy01 in case of exercise of right of recess have the faculty to not accept the restitution and not reimburse wholly sum corresponded for purchase in relation with those product who will result damaged or not immediately resalable. In any case if it’s not written differently on the product card, the vendor will assume all cost for render of goods and Italy01 will return in full the cost of transaction. Safe the cost of re –credit on system of payment of buyer in case are expected.



For the payment of price of the products and the relative cost of expedition and delivery the buyer can continue follow one of modality indicated on the order’s module. In case of payment by credit card the financial information will be forward by encrypted protocol. These information will never be used by Italy01 if not for complete the procedure related to purchase and to emit the relative reimbursement in case of eventually restrictions of products, following up practice of recess upright.



To know the specific modality of shipping and delivering the products, the buyer can access on section of site Italy01.com. The indication with VAT contain completing the basic part and substantial of present General Conditions of trade are considered fully recognized and accepted by buyer in the moment of transmission of orders module. The buyer can still request any information via the service assistance of Italy01. If applicable to purchase in case of recess, the buyer must support the cost of restitution of products.


Personal data and privacy treatment

Whichever personal data collected during the utilizing of the marketplace of Italy01 will be treated from Italy01 Corporation SRLS Viale Europa, 1 33054 Udine


Personal data provided

Italy01 conserves all the data that will be inserted on site. User can choose to not provide any data but in that case he won’t be able to use the available service. The data provided from customer will used to respond to the client’s requests.


Personal data automatically collected

Italy01 conserves some categories of personal data every time that a person interacts with the site. Italy01 utilizes “cookies” and obtains the data when the browser of a person visits the site www.italy01.com or Advertisements or other content of Italy01 to other websites.


Personal data collected

Every personal data collected sustain Italy01 to improve better experience for customer to use the site. The date is needed to prevent fraud at damage of Italy01 and to consent to third parties to conduct logistic and technical activities.


E-mail communication

In many cases italy01 may communicate by e-mail. If the customer does not want to receive any e-mail Italy01 can delete itself from the newsletter.


Personal data received by other sources

Italy01 can receive personal data from other sources and add them to the relative information to the customer’s account.


Personal data cede by third paries

The personal data collect is an important component of italy01’s work. It does not fall into italy01’s activities the publication, the release or sell of such data. The personal date will be communicated only to companies who furnish a service to Italy01 and only in the necessary limit to furnish a Proper service completion. This companies are in any case obligated by Italy01 to sign an ethical code and to treat the personal data in conformity on this informative about the privacy.



It can happen that Italy01 sends an offer to a selected group of customers on behalf of a company present on the portal. In this case Italy01 does not furnish to this company the data of this selected customers. If a customer doesn’t want to receive this offers, it can delete itself from the newsletter.


Case of divulgation of date account

Italy01 can divulge data relative to the account of a user and other personal data only in case of expressly requested by law or from a competent of the authority to prevent fraud or illicit. Italy01 can exchange information with society who prevention fraud and illicit. On regard it’s important that users do not share their password and access on system of payment and give the maximum attention of the usage of its own account to abstain access not authorization.


Link of other Website

Italy01 can visualize advertising messages by third and links to other websites.



A Cookie is a file of small dimension sent by a site to the browser and saved on the computer when this is connected to the internet site. The cookies are used to make the website work or to get better services, but also to furnish information to the owners of the site. italy01 uses different type of cookies and similar tools, each one has a specific function, how it was indicated.


Navigation cookies

This cookies permit to the site to function correctly and permit to visualize the content on the correct language and on correct geographic area. They are capable to recognize from which country the computer is connect and direct automatically the computer to on the version for the place that the customer is in. They also permit to create an account, effect a login and manage the order. A site can recognize thanks to cookies the user when he/she accesses to services offered to registered users. This cookies recognize the user when this is buying on the site and are necessary for the website to work.


Functional cookies

This cookies permit the site, after the first login to be identify the user every time that he/she accesses on site in so that the user doesn’t need to insert his own data to access every time when visiting the site. If an users has added article on shopping cart and closes the session without completing the purchase and without delete this cookies permit to continue the shopping next time when the user accesses to the site for a limited time period and will find the shopping cart exactly as it was when he/she left. This cookies is not indispensable for the operation of site, but give a better quality and experience of navigation.


Analitical cookies

This cookies are utilized by program like Google Analytics to elaborate statistics analysis on the navigation mode of the user on site via the computer or the mobile application on the number of page visited or the number of click effectuate on one page during the navigation. Italy01 trade result from this analysis in the anonymous manner and exclusively for statistics.

Cookies for marketing retargeting

This cookies are utilize from providers of Italy01 and permit the buyer to visualize publicity banners on other affiliates sites showing the last product the buyer was looking for on Italy01. This cookies are used to show to the user of Italy01 product that will interest him/her or similar to those who he was looking at previously. This operation is based on the navigation chronology.


How disable the cookies

Most browsers are configured to accept the cookies. However most browsers permit to control and to disable the cookies via the browser settings. We remind you that when the navigation cookies are disabled or those of functionally can cause the malfunctioning of the site and limit the service of Italy01. To disable the analytical cookies and to prevent Google Analytics from collecting data on your navigation, you can download an addition component of the browser to deactivate Google Analytics.