Italy01 Versace Ceramics

Accessories and Forniture


Italian products guarantee

Prestigious Italian business associations guarantee that the vendors of italy01 are italian. Every vendor certify the origin of his products  

Factory Prices

Italy01 is a marketplace for Italian vendors. Most of the vendors are producers. Product prices are in the most cases without commissions for third parties

B2C and B2B solutions

Many products have business price. Buyer can contact directly the vendors to have a business quote. The business order can be manage directly in italy01




Most popular categories

Italy01 Jewels                        Jewels

Italy01 Busnelli                          Fornitures


Italy01 Maria De Toni                                Luxury

Italy01 Cavalli Luxury tiles                         Tiles

 italy01 Rosanna Siciliano Ciprialavica



100% Made in Italy products

All the components and the parts of these products are made in italy. In the processes the company use only italian skilled workers  


Made in Italy products 

Some component or some part of this products are coming from a different countrie than Italy. In the processes the company can use non italian workers


Products sold by italian company 

This products is made in a different countrie than Italy even if the design and engineering is made in italy. In the processes the company use non italian workers