Sefora Farinacci Ama Me A13 silver soft bracelet with 2 cm heart

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"Ama Me" comes from memories and emotions, from a soul that vibrates, that links destinies, opens spaces and closes doors to despair.

The Ama Me collection is an extraordinary tribute to the strength of women. Jewels born of emotion, representations of a pure and perfect love, emotions that pulsate to the rhythm of a true soul.

A bracelet shaped by luminous silver curves, as light as our dreams, as precious as love.

A unique creation, handcrafted in Italy, perfect to wear every day.

- Bracelet measures

- 2cm 16+ 2 cm

- Diameter element

- 925% silver

- Without nickel and cadmium

- Each item in the collection is offered in silver and silver and 9kt gold


Made in Italy Product 100% Made in Italy (all parts of the product are made in Italy by italian workers)
Product code AMA ME A12
Material 925% silver
Address for direct pick up Viale Aventino 80/82, 00153 Roma, Italia
Guarantee Sefora Farinacci warranty